WhatsApp Messenger Free Download – Free Voice Calls on 2G Networks, Call Waiting Feature Expected

WhatsApp, unlike Skype, has undergone a series of changes and beef ups during its short period of existence.

There have been changes in the interface of the app as well as functionality, in addition to including more and better features to the platform.

WhatsApp started as an instant messaging app, with support for voice, video, text as well as picture messages. In addition, this application was only available for the mobile phone users. In the recent past, there have been wholesale changes in this application, introducing the ability to work on PCs and tablets as well as the ability to make voice calls. These two are actually the latest features for WhatsApp users, but before that, lots of others had been included, among them the blue ticks as well as encryption of messages.

Free WhatsApp voice calling for smartphone users

WhatsApp is still very dominant on smartphones, despite the fact that the application is now available as WhatsApp Web on PCs. This is so because the PC client cannot function without the mobile app being installed and configured first. Furthermore, the mobile app must be up and running in order for the messages to be viewed on the PC.

When the voice calling feature started showing up, only Android users were able to access it. However, things are a little bit different now as more platforms can now use the new WhatsApp voice calling service. Currently, those using the Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 can make free WhatsApp voice calls to any other person who has activated the feature. This is a dream come true for the more than 800 million people that actively use this app on a monthly basis.

WhatsApp voice calling on 2G networks

WhatsApp has since then been rolling out updates and upgrades to the new voice calling feature. Many of these updates have been fixing bugs related to lags in calls as well as echoes during these calls. These were largely being affected by network strength or other technical issues. There were even cases where WhatsApp voice calls could just end even if the internet connection has no problem.

In the latest beta version of WhatsApp, these issues have greatly been resolved, as there are no longer lags when making voice calls. In addition, it is now possible to make WhatsApp voice calls on 2G networks, which is the network that is available to a large percentage of WhatsApp’s total user base. The developers of this messenger have been working on this ability for a while and now that those on slower networks can still make WhatsApp voice calls, there is no other app that will beat WhatsApp in the near future.

Despite the availability of WhatsApp voice calling services on 2G networks, the calls are not as crystal clear as those HD-quality calls you’ll get on 3G or 4G networks.

WhatsApp voice call waiting services

WhatsApp developers are trying to make everything about voice calling to be as perfect as possible. There is even a provision, where, when on a voice call and someone tries to call you, this person will be warned that you are on a call and immediately you finish the call, this person will be notified.

In the near future, we also expect WhatsApp to introduce the call waiting service on this platform. However, we cannot tell exactly when this will happen.

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