WhatsApp Plus – Download WhatsApp Plus for Android and iPhone

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has become the most popular IM application all over the world.

The messaging client is a cross-platform application. It works on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone. It uses the same Internet plan that you use for web browsing and email, meaning there is no cost for sending messages.

Sadly, it does not let the users customize their chats the way they want. For this reason, a certain Spanish developer decided to come up with an unofficial version of the app. It is called WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus also known as WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp Holo has the same features as the original version of WhatsApp. However, unlike the normal version of the application, the unofficial one allows users to customize their app.

WhatsApp Plus Download

You cannot download WhatsApp+ application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. This is because it is not an official application. In order to download WhatsApp+ on your iPhone, you must have your device jail broken first. After that, you can download the app using Cydia. In order to install WhatsApp on your Android phone, you need to go to your device Settings and allow installation of app from unknown sources. After that download the APK file of the app from the web and install it.

Customize your WhatsApp+

It is worth noting that WhatsApp uses the same license as WhatsApp. It also uses the same source files as the original WhatsApp. You do not have to worry about your account details; they are always secure. The major advantage of WhatsApp+ over the original version of the app is the fact that you can customize your chats. For instance, you can change the style of the text balloons, change your chat windows, choose the font size of the text and select your own theme.

Always back-up your WhatsApp Conversations

Note that before you install WhatsApp Plus, you must uninstall the official version first. So it is very important to always keep a good back-up of all your conversations. Fortunately, both the apps share the same source files. So you can easily export your WhatsApp conversations and import them to the unofficial application. If you want to switch back to the official WhatsApp version, you can also export your conversations and import them again to the original version of the app.

Is WhatsApp Free?

Just like the official WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus is free. Developers of the app never intended to make money with the application. They just wanted to offer WhatsApp users with a new version of the same application that is fully customizable. Everyone can download the app completely at no cost.

Should I switch to WhatsApp Plus?

It all boils down to personal preference. You should decide for yourself if you want to switch to WhatsApp Plus or not.  You should download it if you want to customize your WhatsApp application. However, if you do not feel the need to customize your chats, you can stick to your normal WhatsApp version.

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