WhatsApp UI Re-Done in Latest Version – New Material Design Now Available for All Android Users

The latest stable version of WhatsApp is v.2.12.94 and this version is available in the official Google Play Store.

This free messaging app has taken the world by storm, thanks to its newly introduced voice calling feature, which has led to an increase of over 100 million people in the app’s user base in just about 2 months.

Even though this feature is currently not available on all platforms that WhatsApp supports, a lot has already been gained, as far as the number of users is concerned. It is no wonder the developers of the app are foreseeing a user base of at least 1 billion before the turn of the next New Year. What makes WhatsApp such a coveted app is its free services. There is no direct charge involved, when using WhatsApp to send messages or make voice calls as with the case of telecom carriers. All it uses is data, which can be accessed via a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi. In the former case, you must pay for a data plan; however, the latter case requires no payment.

WhatsApp latest version and its new Material Design makeover

If you have been using WhatsApp on Android and recently updated to the latest version, you may have already noticed the changes in the UI of the new WhatsApp 2.12.94, which is available in the Play Store. The new makeover takes into account the latest concept of the Android Lollipop known as Material Design. The sleeker look and performance that is brought about by this new Material Design is even making matters much better for the owners, as the app seems to be getting more worshipers each day.

You will notice the usually green interface of the app is no more there as a darker hue of green now dominates the proceedings. You will fall in love with these hues, together with the now much larger tabs of Calls, Chats and Contacts that give this app a much better and smoother feel. The latest version also comes in with more than enough emoticons and emojis. All of them have been reshaped, resized and redesigned, with a few adjustments made in their coloring element, which makes them more than attractive to use. The fact that the background is completely white highlights the emojis much better.

Taking a closer look at the Chat feature, there is also some revamping.  Initially users could only initiate a chat by tapping on the name of the contact they want to chat with. However, this is not there in the latest version. When in the chat section, there is a chat icon towards the far top right of your screen, just between the menu and search icons. Tap on this icon and the app will open a list of WhatsApp contacts, from which you can choose the person you want to chat with, by tapping on the contact.

Profile pictures of users are now seen in round frames, which make them look elegant and much better than the previous square frame. The conversations are also showing as fun bubbles.

Latest WhatsApp version available for Android 2.3 and above

The latest Material Design overhaul of the WhatsApp UI can be enjoyed by a wide array of Android devices, beginning with those on the Android 2.3 to those using the Android 5.1 Lollipop. This is good news for many Android users on older versions considering the fact that the previous beta updates were only working on at least the Android KitKat OS.

To get this new material design-based WhatsApp 2.12.94 and install it on your Android device, visit the official Google Play Store. The app is free to download and install, but only for year one. After that, you will start paying a fee of $1 for every year use the app.

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