WhatsApp Video Optimizer – Download and Install on Windows Phone to Watch YouTube Videos

One of the most neglected mobile OS is the Windows Phone. In the case of WhatsApp, users of this platform have in the past made their frustrations public by outlining the need for WhatsApp to introduce its amazing features similar to those available for the Android and iOS users.

Just recently, WhatsApp voice calling feature was launched and even though it’s now over 3 months since this feature showed up on the Android devices, there is still no sign or word on when the users of Windows Phone will start making WhatsApp voice calls. On the other end, the users of WhatsApp for Windows Phone have also been complaining about the performance issues of the app on this platform, with some of them claiming WhatsApp is a battery hog. In addition, there are other users of WhatsApp on Windows Phone devices, who have complained that they were not able to receive any WhatsApp message or notification for that matter.

WhatsApp for sending free video messages on Windows Phone

At the moment, it is only those on the Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 devices that can make WhatsApp free voice calls. If you are on Windows Phone, you’ll either have to wait until WhatsApp rolls out a version for this platform or wait until Windows 10 to be officially rolled out, which will essentially push WhatsApp developers to roll out a new version of the app for this new OS.

As of now, you can only use WhatsApp for Windows Phone to send and receive instant messages that include voice, text, picture and video messages. The latter aspect is one which the next section will delve on much.

WhatsApp lets the users send video files of up to 16MB only. Honestly, this is a very limited provision considering the formats of video files and quality of graphics involved. However, there is a trick for those who want to send larger video messages. Using the new WhatsApp video optimizer app, it is now possible to send video files larger than 16MB using WhatsApp. This application is available in the Windows Phone Store.

Download and install WhatsApp Video Optimizer on your Windows Phone

WhatsApp Video Optimizer is not a free to download app for Windows Phone users. However, it will cost you a mere $0.99 to get this app and install it on your Windows Phone smartphone. Your phone must be using Windows Phone 8.1 and the latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone for this app to work.

Convert YouTube video files to music library

Since Video Optimizer for WhatsApp made its debut, a lot of changes and improvements have been added. One such great improvement or rather addition is the ability of WhatsApp users to download and optimize videos from YouTube. Furthermore, users of WhatsApp will now be able to convert YouTube videos into a music library. All you need is search for your favorite video file on YouTube, download it and convert it to AAC file format. Remember that music files come with copyright laws and as such, converting the video file into another format (AAC) might cause you some problems, so proceed at your own risk.

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