WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature APK Download For Windows Phone

It’s been a while since the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature has been released for iOS, Android and Blackberry. We didn’t expect that the developers of WhatsApp developers will release this feature for the Windows Phone devices in the near future, but it seems that they finally did it.

However, for now this new WhatsApp version for Windows Phone that features Voice Calling feature is available only for a few Beta testers. With other words, if you have a Windows Phone device and you’re using the WhatsApp application, you can’t make voice calls yet.

We’re pretty sure that the testing will take a few weeks, since that’s how much the tests lasted on the Android version. We though that the WhatsApp Calling feature has been tested for quite a while before getting introduced to the Windows Phone. But now, WPXBOX has shared some screenshots showing that the Voice Calling feature was already in testing for a while on Windows Phone devices.

So, in case you want to test out the new Voice Calling feature on WhatsApp, you will have to wait for a little bit longer, as it is only available for the beta testers. As soon as WhatsApp’s developers are satisfied with how the feature works and they’ll fix all the found bugs, they will most likely release the feature to all Windows Phone users.

The new WhatsApp version will most likely come with a new Call tab that will keep track of all the recent calls that you’ve made or received. For now, it seems that there are no issues regarding the voice calling quality. The developers most likely fixed all the issues that the Android version faced with the calls lagging or randomly ending.

With other words, the Voice Calling feature is quite stable on the Windows Phone devices and it will most likely be released for all users soon enough!

Are you going to use the Voice Calling feature that will come on WhatsApp for Windows Phone or do you think that it will “eat” too much data and you will prefer using another application for this type of service?

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