WhatsApp vs Hike Messenger – Better Features, Improvements and Experience

While WhatsApp is known worldwide, being a messaging application with six years of experience, Hike Messenger appeared two years ago, resulting from a joint venture between the Indian business conglomerate Bharti Enterprises and Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet Corporation Softbank. In terms of active users, the difference is huge between WhatsApp and Hike Messenger, because the first one surpassed 800 million in April 2015, while the latter had only 35 million users in August 2014.

In this article we’ll make a comparison between their features, to see which application has more to offer.

Theme Customization

WhatsApp comes with a default theme which can’t be changed (the reason why many independent developers created cloned WhatsApp applications with additional features). Hike, on the other hand, offers the possibility to change the theme and even make your own chat theme for conversations.

Multimedia Transfer Size

Both applications allow you to send pictures, voice and video files, but the file size limit on WhatsApp is 16MB, compared to 100MB, which Hike supports. Also, sent images will have a reduced resolution in WhatsApp, while Hike allows you to send photos with the original resolution.

Files You Are Allowed To Transfer

If you use Hike, you can send .ppt, .doc, docx and pdf files, so this application can easily replace Gmail or other free email service. If you’re running a business and you just left your office, but you need to send a document to your partners as soon as possible, you can use your smartphone, open Hike, attach the file and send it directly. On WhatsApp, you can send only pictures, voice messages and video messages, with typical file formats.


When registering to WhatsApp, you will use your phone number to get verified, and the application will scan your phonebook to look for other numbers associated with WhatsApp. When it identifies them, the app adds those friends to your list of contacts. This means that when someone finds out your mobile number and adds it to his/her phonebook, you will end up in his/her list of WhatsApp friends. You will be able to block annoying contacts, but you will be bothered by anyone who knows your mobile number. On Hike, you can reject or accept friend requests. Only those in your list of friends will contact you.

Stickers and Emotions

Both applications come loaded with lots of emoticons which are replacing words or a state of mind. However, Hike supports stickers as well.

Free SMS to users of other applications

On Hike, you can send up to 100 SMS text messages to non-users, without being charged. However, if you convince a friend to register to Hike, you will get a bonus of 50 SMS text messages.

Voice Calling

Both applications support voice calling over 2G, 3G and WiFi for free, to other friends using the same app.


Hike is free for lifetime, while WhatsApp charges you 0.99 dollars per year, after being allowed to use the app for free in the first year.

Paid for getting referrals

On Hike, if you convince a friend to sign up, you will get Rs. 20, while for the next referral, the app will pay Rs. 15.

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