WhatsApp vs LINE Messenger Free Download – Which One Do You Prefer?

With so many messaging applications available on the market, choosing the one that suits your needs seems very difficult. First of all, you depend on your friends, because if they’re using WhatsApp, you can’t install Line or vice versa. So, why you and your friends should you install any of these applications? Here’s a comparison between them, which might give you an idea of what they’re offering.

WhatsApp was introduced to the market in 2009, being created by two former Yahoo! employees who applied for a job at Facebook, but they were rejected. Years later, in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp from them, for the sum of 19 billion dollars, and the application started to become more popular, increasing its user base by 200 million, in only one year after the change of ownership. Currently, it’s used by over 800 million people and it’s available on six mobile platforms, while the PC owners can log into their accounts via the Web feature.

The application has a trial period of one year, then the users must pay 0.99 dollars per year to keep their accounts. The features of WhatsApp include the ability to send free messages – texts and media files, because the application requires only an internet connection, no matter if it’s 3G or WiFi. If you’ll make voice calls to other WhatsApp friends, the application will eat enough mobile data, but if you’re connected to a wireless network, you won’t need to worry about data consumption. WhatsApp has other features, as well: location sharing and group chats with up to 100 members.

Line came in 2011 and currently, it’s used by over 600 million people. It was created by a Japanese company and initially, it was available for Android and iOS smartphones, then it was expanded to BlackBerry, Asha, Windows Phone, Firefox OS and iOS tablets. Also, the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS devices support it as well. This application allows you to add new contacts using three methods: by Line id, by scanning QR codes and by shaking phones simultaneously.

When receiving a new message, a pop-out box will appear, so you will easily read and reply to the sender. You will be able to share photos, voice or video recordings, your location and you’ll use emojis, stickers and emoticons. You will receive a confirmation when your message is read and the application supports free voice and video calls (video conferences with up to 50 people) to other Line users. Group chats support up to 200 people and the theme can be changed according to users’ preferences. The Snap movie feature allows the users to record a stop motion video and add background music to it, then send it to their friends. However, the best part of Line is the Hidden Chats feature, which allows the users to set a timer, after which the messages disappear from both devices and Line’s servers. The Popcorn buzz feature allows making group calls between up to 200 members.

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