WhatsApp vs Line vs Snapchat vs Kik vs Slack – Who’s Better?

In the past years, many messaging applications invaded the market, gaining lots of fans and offering many free features that almost destroyed the traditional SMS text messaging. These applications allow you to share images, voice messages and videos, and some of them support voice calling as well.


This application, which was launched in 2009, was bought by Facebook in 2014, and kept on evolving until it reached 800 million active users. The application can be installed on smartphones running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone. BlackBerry, Symbian and Nokia S40 and has a web feature which allows its users to log into their accounts using a computer and a supported browser – Firefox, Chrome or Opera. In February was introduced the Voice Calling feature to the Android users and many weeks later, the BlackBerry 10 and iOS users received it too. In the first year of use, the app is free, then an annual fee of 0.99 dollars will be applied.


Line came in 2011 and it’s very similar to WhatsApp in terms of sharing text and multimedia files, as well as making VoIP calls, but it’s also similar to Facebook because it has a “wall”, where the users can post whatever they want. In addition, the users can play games and invite their friends to join and play together. Within eighteen months after its launch, Line had 100 million users and by the end of this year, the application will reach 700 million accounts. The Japanese application is supported by iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Nokia Asha, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X.


Its initial release happened in 2010, but the stable version was launched in October 2011 and the most recent stable version came in February 2015. The application was created by a group of students from the University of Waterloo and in January 2015, it surpassed 200 million registered users. It can be installed on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and allows the new users will register using their email addresses. Kik has its own browser, and the messenger allows sending texts, images and many more.


This app came in September 2011, being created by three Stanford University students. It’s available only for iOS and Android and it’s famous for its built-in self-destruct timer, which allows the users to set a time limit for how long their friends can view their Snaps (texts, photos, voice records) and the range is from 1 to 10 seconds. They can also edit images and record video messages of up to 10 seconds.


This app came in August 2013 and within 24 hours, it already had 8000 users. It was created by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson and Serguei Mourachov, who earned around $43 million in April 2014, and in October, the company was worth $1.2 billion. Slack can be installed on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone and recently, a version for Apple Watch was released, allowing the users to reply to messages.

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