Whatsapp vs. Texting (Traditional SMS)

Ever since Whatsapp has gained popularity, traditional SMSing has taken a back seat. Since Whatsapp is absolutely free, and works on an internet connection, people have switched to the app for sending messages moreover, there are many other befits offered this Facebook-bought free messenger which we will be discussing below:

  1. These days messaging apps are available dime a dozen, which is why most people are complaining that good old regular messaging, is slowly but surely fading out. The fact that people are more inclined towards sending free messages through applications, has made sure that SMS sharing faces a downward sloping graph.
  1. Whatsapp allows its users to send songs, videos, recordings, images, voice message clips, and other things messaging is quite basic and can only be sent in the form of a text or picture message. However, sending media files in SMSes is charged too high, so people are sticking to the newer, faster, easier and free mode of sharing messages.
  1. The biggest advantage of using SMS is that you can easily contact the person of your choice, even if you do not have an internet connection. Believe it or not there are still many people in this world who do not have smartphones, which is why they cannot send or receive free messages through applications. SMS ensures that contacting people, who do not have fancy phones, is easy. Plus, in case you do not find an internet connection at a certain place, you can always make use of SMs for the purpose of communication. Another advantage is that, sending SMSes is safety. For example, if you are in trouble, you can send S.O.S messages, from your mobile service without fearing about whether you have internet or not.
  1. Coming to the disadvantaged of SMS against Whatsapp, is that the application works really fast and most importantly, the user can send the longest of messages, without any page breaks, so it’s a platform to share forwarded messages and jokes. Also, Whatsapp is a better way of chatting with friends as it adds some spice to the conversation with stickers, emoticons and other such features.
  1. The ability to make groups and chat with friends, wins Whatsapp brownie points. Group chat feature is not available on SMS, which is why more and more people are sharing messages in an app-centric manner, rather than using the best methods of sending and receiving texts.
  1. Another thing is, in case you are out of balance, you will not be able to send messages, while Whatsapp will be active in case you can manage to get a Wi-Fi connection from somewhere. This kind of a process comes handy at malls and airports, where you may not have balance or network connectivity, but can still stay in touch with your folks, through Wi-Fi.
  2. Since Whatsapp has millions of users worldwide, you will not have a problem in finding your friend’s son this platform. Because almost everyone on your friend list will be having a Whatsapp account it becomes as good as texting, but for free.

The Verdict

Whatsapp has quite successfully won over from SMS, however, the latter is a handy tool which can come to use in a crunch situation, in case you do not have an internet connection. Another thing is that a person is bound to have a Smartphone, to make use of Whatsapp so those who cannot afford this luxury will have to make do with short messaging services. With all the comparisons done, it is quite difficult to analyze which of the two is a more handy tool as both can come to the user’s aid whenever required. Both these platforms of communication are quite effective and can be used frequently.

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