WhatsApp vs Viber – Download Available With Better Voice Calling Feature

WhatsApp application was launched back in 2009 and was sold to Facebook last year in February for 19 billion dollars. In the same period, the Japanese Rakuten Inc. has bought the Viber application for 900 million dollars. As you can see, the money difference is quite big between these two applications.

It is good to know that both of the applications are available for a lot of mobile operating systems such as: Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Nokia S40, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Viber was quite popular, as it was one of the first mobile applications that supported free voice and video calls. However, nowadays, more and more applications are using the VoIP service and are offering these services.

For example, WhatsApp has received the Voice Calling feature that is currently available for Android, Blackberry 10 and iOS. Recently, the Windows Phone received this feature as well, but it’s in beta.

Viber is also a well known application in the VoIP industry, and it was downloaded by more than 220 million people. However, WhatsApp has more than 1 billion downloads, with over 800 million active users per month, which is a big difference between the two applications in terms of number of users. With other words, WhatsApp is a real threat to many mobile VoIP/instant messaging applications.

However, it is good to know that, currently, Viber is offering a better voice quality over 3G and Wi-Fi data. WhatsApp seems to have some issues with the servers, as many users reported that the calls are either randomly ending or lagging. When it comes to instant messaging, both applications are offering great services, allowing you to send voice messages, photos, GPS location etc. Using Viber, you can also send stickers, doodles and emoticons which are a plus for this application, as we’re pretty sure that there are a lot of users who enjoy using them.

Viber is also great if you are using a laptop or desktop computer often. Viber is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is pretty awesome. With other words, in case you have access to a computer and you want to continue the conversation with a friend on Viber, you can install Viber on the computer, log into your Viber account and continue the instant messaging conversation or voice/video call.

WhatsApp is surely not as good as Viber when it comes to Voice Calling. However, we’re pretty sure that the application will evolve pretty fast and soon enough, the developers will improve the Voice calling service, to be at least as good as the one offered by Viber.

Rumors say that WhatsApp will soon receive the Video Calls feature, but that was not confirmed by anyone from WhatsApp.

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