WhatsApp Web Client Download Available – How To Use With iPhone

Apple is not really rushing to add the WhatsApp Web Client to the App Store, not before it does its general and diligent analysis of the app. But, we have a quick guide in stored for you on how to “activate” the WhatsApp Web Client on iOS gizmos. The latter will allow all those who own iOS devices to use the Web Client version of the app on your gadget. Note: the tweak is accessible only for Jailbreak iPhones. But let’s get to it and see what you have to do in order to get your hands on the WhatsApp Web Client.

Tips on how to use WhatsApp Web Client with an iPhone:

  • Start off by setting up WhatsApp Web Client tweak on the iOS platform.
  • Once you have completed this step, you should look for a WhatsApp Web symbol/icon in the Settings menu (located in the chat application). Click on the icon and fire-up your PC to perform the next stage.
  • Head on to web.whatsapp.com and simply scan the QR code.

WhatsApp Web Enabler will permit you to activate the option by hand, directly from the Settings menu. The new version of the tweak does come with some glitch fixes regarding the various clashes that users have been complaining about. WhatsApp Web Client is very useful if you operate on a desktop or even a laptop. It is a very simple and effective way of corresponding with your friends while doing some work or while you’re surfing the World Wide Web.

The service is constrained to Android, but we’re betting that it will soon reach iOS as well. However, you might be in for a wait, given the fact that Apple is still keeping a close eye on its malware and glitches before it gives the green light for download.

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