WhatsFapp v1.20 Download The Best Alternative To Dual WhatsApp+ Reborn

Are you looking for an illegal variant of the original WhatsApp application, but which allows you to use two numbers on the same phone and to not get banned? Then you should install WhatsFapp, whose latest version is 1.20 and which brought a few changes and fixes.

WhatsApp is the application with the biggest user base, currently being used by over 800 million people from all over the world, but 2015 was a crucial year for the developers, who rushed to release the voice calling feature in order to attract more people to register. And this thing happened, maybe, because illegal applications reached the internet, and they offered additional features, desired by the old WhatsApp users. They were tempted to leave WhatsApp and install WhatsApp Plus, an application which came after the developers of WhatsApp introduced the Read Receipt feature which allowed the users to know if and when their messages were read. But WhatsApp managed to band the users of WhatsApp Plus for 24 hours, in an attempt to make them come back to the original app. Then, WhatsApp+ Reborn was released and it started having competition.

WhatsFapp is another clone of WahtsApp, but which offers the possibility to hide the Last Seen status, the blue ticks, the double ticks, the typing for groups and contacts, it has group statistics, photo and video previews, and it allows you to use up to three accounts, including the official WhatsApp account, on the same phone that runs on Android. The package name was changed to com.whatsfapp and cum.whatsfapp and the boys can use the blue theme, while the girls have the pink theme. WhatsFapp uses all of WhatsApp+ Reborn’s features and it’s ban free.

WhatsFapp v1.20 comes with many fixes for the “Showing” privacy mods that were not working properly; the icons were not changing and there was a Attach Web bug that got fixed. The developers changed folder from /WhatsApp/Osm to /WhatsApp/Fap and com.whatsfupp was changed to cum.whatsfapp and it was named “Fapp”.

Before installing WhatsFapp on your device, enable the Unknown Sources in your device’s Settings. First, you will get WhatsApp from the official Google Play store, use your number to register, chat with your friends, back up the conversation, then go to App Info and clear data. Get WhatsFapp (com.whatsfapp), enter your number, restore your conversations and that’s it. Now, if you have another number, reinstall WhatsApp and follow the same steps, but you will install WhatsFupp (cum.whatsfapp) and verify your second number.

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