WhatsMapp SOLO v1.2.0 – Download The Latest APK Full Of WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp is the application of the moment, having with over 800 million active users and in a continuous growth, considering that almost 1 million people register daily, to chat with their friends for free. But this application has become a source of inspiration for the individual developers who modified WhatsApp and added some useful features. The first illegal application was WhatsApp Plus, but later, other clones appeared like mushrooms after the rain. One of them is WhatsMapp SOLO and the latest version is 1.2.0.

This application was modded by Archit Jain and the good news is that it works on any smartphone where WhatsApp is installed, meaning that the users can have two numbers working simultaneously. However, this illegal app has Material Design and borrowed features from WhatsApp, but it brought its own features as well and most important, it’s ban free. So, you won’t be banned by the developers of WhatsApp for using this unofficial application.

WhatsMapp SOLO v1.2.0 allows you to hide the last seen status, the blue tick marks, the double tick, when typing a message, you can change the icon and notification icon, the color of the ActionBar and if your smartphone is running on Lollipop, you will be able to change the color of the Navigationbar and StatusBar. This is the fastest Mod of WhatsApp and in the future, it will add other features such as Pattern Lock on WhatsApp, colored chat balloons and colorful text.

Before installing WhatsMapp SOLO v1.2.0, get the stock WhatsApp, chat with a few friends, back up your conversations then uninstall the official application. Now you can install the unofficial app, go through the verification process after entering your mobile number and receiving an authorization code through a SMS text, then restore your chats and continue talking with your friends. Now, for the other number on your phone, you will reinstall the original application, get verified and that’s it!

While WhatsApp will charge you 0.99 dollars annually, after the trial period of one year ends, WhatsMapp SOLO is a free application for lifetime.

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