White Wizzard Adds Second Guitarist

Looks like she got a visit from the White Wizzard

OH MY SATAN! I owe you guys a huge apology. I usually try to get 10 to 18 posts on here a day, but on Thursday, I dropped the ball big time. The truth? I was tired. I work during the day, and when I’m not working, I’m either writing for Gun Shy Assassin or trying to get my fuck on. Thursday, I slept in. I needed it. And then, I went off to my day job, and afterwards, met up with a friend who was in town from The Netherlands.

No shit. I know people who live in The Netherlands. Funny story, actually — and yes, I know this has nothing to do with White Wizzard but honestly, do you really give a fuck about them? Wouldn’t you rather here some shit talk from me? I thought so.

Last night, me and my buddy Zulfi met up for a couple of drinks. I hadn’t seen the dude in, like, three years, and it was fucking great seeing him. What is funny about my relationship with Zulfi is I met him through an ex. When we broke up, a decision was made by him and his wife: They chose wisely, staying friends with awesome me, as so many others like them did.

Anyways, I need to go to The Netherlands. And really, I wrote about Zulfi because dude has yet to visit my site. DUDE! It’s been, like, over a year now. Maybe we’ve been banned in The Netherlands? Also, this post was for that particular ex, who I know reads this site with some regularity, even though she’s married now.

So, yeah, Jake Dreyer has been recruited by White Wizzard as their second guitarist.

“Jake is a great guy and fantastic talent,” White Wizzard said in a statement. “Lewis Stephens has toured with us over the last year and we wish him well on his new engagement and life in Wales. We now have a permanent final member and look forward to slaying you in the next few months.

Jake is also very excited to be joining a mediocre band.
“I am extremely excited [Edit: Seeeee?] to be a part of White Wizzard! I foresee this being a great fit musically and cannot wait to get out on the road for the Frets of Fury Tour in October! Just want to say thanks to the guys in the band for welcoming me in. See ya out on the road!”
Oooooooh, good for you!!!

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