White Wizzard Provide Profound Social Commentary

Musicians write the darndest thingsMusicians write the darndest things

Musicians write the darndest things

I have never been a fan of the band White Wizzard, and ultimately, I feel like no one actually cares about them.

They don’t count. Because they’re fucking garbage.

But when musicians post embarrassing statements on Facebook they end up later pulling down, I have to point that shit out, giving that comment a permanent home online for all to see.

Someone in White Wizzard, clearly bummed by Robin Williams’ death, posted the following online.

“To all of you people that still buy into this God thing. If there is such an entity, then explain why Ricky Martin, George Bush and Drew Carey still live yet Carlin, Pryor and now Robin Williams are dead.”

Look, I’m definitely not into God. His fans are assholes. But problem could White Wizzard possibly have with Ricky Martin? So much that they’d want him dead? It is ’cause he’s gay? I wonder. Let’s continue.

“If your God truly does exist then he is one boring dumb fuck killing off the wrong dudes. So even if he exists I would never bow down to that idiot. But he doesn’t. No ghosts in the sky kids. Just us. Enjoy the greats while they still live. I would have taken a night hanging with George Carlin over a conversation with this God any day anyway. He’s probably a huge let down that would serve tofurkey and want to watch midget porn while knitting a sweater. Calling you out today God. You suck!”

There’s a reason this post had a short shelf life.

Whoever wrote it is clearly a moron.

Thanks for the tip, Johnathan.

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