Whitechapel Frontman Goes After Westboro Baptist Boobs

Phil Bozeman

And backs down after very little prompting. Sad.

Yes, folks — Whitechapel vocalist Phil Bozeman has taken aim at those soulless twats at the Westboro Baptist Church, waging a Twitter war against them over the weekend.

“The Westboro Baptist Church will die out just like every other cult. Pay no mind to ignorant fools,” he writes, which those fag-haters didn’t take kindly too.

“You know why The WBC still exists? Because of the media,” he reasons. “If people stopped giving a shit about them, they’d disappear. This world thrives on controversy and causing pandemonium.”

The church responded, saying Phil “has her panties in a bunch b/c we won’t picket [Whitechapel’s shows] so she can make $ off our backs like [Attila].”

Bozeman replies, “You’re referring to me as a girl which is a lie. Doesn’t that go against the word of God?”

Tweets were exchanged back and forth, but in time, Bozeman waved the white flag.

“Ok I’m done with WBC, had my entertainment for the night! Moving on.”

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