Whitechapel Guitarist Disagrees They’re Deathcore


I don’t fucking care either way.

To be honest, after I was offered an interview with dude only to have it be rescinded by his management, I stopped caring completely about these dudes. I did give a couple of fucks about them hitherto, but now, not a fuck given.

I wonder why they denied me the interview. I sent in questions; I guess they didn’t want him talking about glory holes, or maybe thought I’d ask him something embarrassing. If you ask me, Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade doesn’t need any help in that department.

He tells Metal Insider he doesn’t consider his band deathcore anymore.

“We do pretty much whatever the fuck we want,” he tells the site. “But, I just…I feel kind of frustrated when these days we’re doing so much more than just deathcore, yet people who don’t fully understand what we’re doing, or what deathcore really is, just since, you know, that’s what we started out as, they just kind of tend to lump everything that we do from the beginning of our career up until now, they just continue to keep lumping it into that genre.

“And, you know, like I’ve said, to me — it doesn’t make me mad, it’s just frustrating because we’re so much more than that now and, I don’t know, I just wish people would realize that we’re definitely doing something above and beyond the call of ‘deathcore’ these days.”

He loves to say “these days,” huh? This dude’s vocab is impressive.
He has always taken to Twitter to insult the lead singer of Lamb of God and explain to fans why they shouldn’t steal his band’s new self-titled record, since it’s in stores as of today.

“Alright I’m going to go on a Randy Blythe style rant and it will be the only time I do it, so sorry in advance,” he writes; more like an Alyssa Gluz-whatever rant, dude. “The reason why bands hound their fans to buy their CD the first week it comes out is not because of money, it’s for the numbers. No bands make money off of CD sales these days, it’s not a source of income like it used to be for older bands.

“Bands like us make income to keep our band going through touring. The music business deems a bands worth by album sales, the more albums they sell, the more people that like them, it’s not rocket science,” he says.

Thank some higher power it isn’t rocket science. You’d have a fucking aneurysm.

“For whatever reason, someone deemed it that whatever a band sales in the first week is what’s most important, so that’s why bands want you to buy their album in the first week it is out. I don’t want you to buy our CD because it’s going to make me rich, far from it. I want you to buy it because the more albums we sell, the betters tours and opportunities we will get to play shows for you, our fans.”

And that will make him more money. So, really, he is asking you to buy their new CD to make him rich. Or at least richer.

“So please, if you have the intention of buying our CD, skip a shitty fast food meal this week and use that $10 to pick up a copy to help our career, not our wallets. Thank you!”

I like fast food, though.

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