Why Choose WhatsApp For Your Marketing Campaign?

It seems like there is a new messenger app popping up every month.

It is almost impossible to keep track of them all and it is also hard to choose the right one for your marketing campaigns. However, WhatsApp is without doubt the most popular instant messaging app in the world at the moment. WhatsApp has over 800 million monthly active users. The app made news headlines when social networking giant Facebook purchased it for a whopping $19 billion. Today, however, it is in the news for completely different reasons. Each and every business is using WhatsApp as a campaign tool to generate marketing leads. So why choose the app for your marketing campaigns?

WhatsApp is cheap to use

While the app is not completely free, it is almost free. The service is free for the first year and thereafter costs 0.99 dollars per year. It allows you to send as many messages as you want. There is no limit at all. It is a cross-platform instant messaging service for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone. Apart from text messaging, you can send videos, images and audio messages for free. And using the app is very easy. You do not have to go to a website to sign up or log into your account. It just needs your mobile number.

Global Accessibility

Through WhatsApp, a business can target international audience. There are many global brands that look for ways to reach their global audience. WhatsApp has allowed them to reach their customers no matter where they are at the click of a button.

Quick Response

WhatsApp has proven to be an effective tool when it comes to customer service. If a business has a dedicated WhatsApp number, customers can get their questions answered in real time by just sending their queries via the app. This is especially practical for smaller businesses that have a smaller customer base.

Also quick customer support can help keep the reputation of your brand intact. For example, a conversation between the customer support and an unhappy customer will be private and will not affect the reputation of the product, brand or business in any way.

Better features than conventional SMS

From simple texts, to audio files to pictures, WhatsApp supports different message types. Typically, an MMS message would cost some money to send, but WhatsApp lets its users send these messages to as many people as they like, for free.

In addition to this, you can send the location of your store, audio messages, product images, product videos, etc. to your customers and prospects worldwide. As you can see, this messenger app supports nearly everything.

Group Chat

You can start your own WhatsApp group and invite your customers to join. This can help you stay connected with your customer base at all times.


WhatsApp is a great marketing tool and can do almost everything an SMS or e-mail campaign could do. Moreover, WhatsApp enjoys a huge user base and it is pretty addictive too. Users can’t take their hands off their Smartphones due to this messaging app. This app could be an efficient way to reach and engage (especially) with the younger generation.

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