Why Did Google Glass Fail – Did it Really Fail?

A gadget which has caused so much hype over the years burned out extremely quickly, after being released and Google has officially put a stop to the sales, support and development of their much anticipated product.

Questionable Design

People simply did not want this product and there are a good number of reasons why. Maybe we just were not ready for such a “futuristic” piece of technology. When you pause and think about it, we’ve only fully adjusted to smartphones a few years ago and we are still adjusting to smart watches, which aren’t as nearly advanced as the Google Glass. Humans are visual beings and Google Glass simply did not have the design that would fit into our everyday lives. The glasses looked like something that Cyclops in X-Men would be wearing and it wasn’t all that appealing to the consumers. Paired with the mind blowing price tag of $1500, the Google Glass was doomed to be a failure.

Many Products Used Today, Failed in the Past

Take tablets for example; it is a common misconception that Apple’s iPad was the first tablet. A first successful tablet, sure; a first tablet in general? Definitely not! There were many handheld computers, years before, used by delivery companies, industrial engineers and other people that simply did not find their way into our everyday lives (and they did have similar functionality, for that time). It was the change in design, as well as good timing that made the first iPad so successful. Technology today can support these devices much better than it could support them in the past. Maybe Google Glass can be applied in certain sectors, but it simply is not ready to jump among the general population.

It Did Not Really Fail

While the device is now decommissioned, the Google Glass raised so much dust, that Google’s name grew even bigger (yes that is possible), the amount of PR for the Google Glass was incredible and Google’s shares only continued to climb. The Glass was associated with cutting-edge technology, and was advertised as a revolutionary device, adding even more value to Google as a company.

 Technology That has Found Other Uses

Google has definitely set foundation for this technology to find other uses. Before Google Glass, miniaturizing electronics so much that they could fit into eyewear was almost unimaginable and now we are getting contact lens that are finding all kinds of uses. Google Glass achieved this and even though we will not be seeing this particular device, we will definitely be seeing similar devices in the future. Whether we will be using them, or not, is a different story. For now, we can only agree that despite the product being pulled, Google Glass did not completely fail, despite what many people claim, as there is much more to a product than simply the sales numbers.

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