Why Google Maps is Better Than Waze

The navigation app niche is quite crowded. However, Google Maps and Waze are two heavyweights in the navigation apps field that have set in motion an unending debate as to which of them is better, although they are currently both owned by Google. Here is a comparison of Google and Waze, showing once and for all why Google Maps is better than Waze.

Why Google Maps Is Better Than Waze

Google Maps displays all forms of transportation on its maps. Waze tends to focus heavily on providing great navigation information for motorists. With Google Maps, it does not matter whether you are driving, cycling, or walking, the map will offer intuitive information to help you get to your destination. Such differences in navigation options should be pretty clear in cases where you are using the apps for things like hiking trips where you have to follow unusual tracks during your adventure.

Google Maps is also better in that it shows various points of interests. In fact, this app shows several points one might encounter on their way, unlike Waze. Google Maps will also indicate just how far the points of interests such as restaurants, hotels, and so forth, are out of the designated travel route. This can be critical when time is of the essence since you can schedule your time better. With Waze, you can get clear information on when you might reach your destination, but the app will not offer very useful information on how your detours might affect your travel with regard to time.

Google Maps features a more intuitive design in comparison to Waze. For first-time users, Waze may seem a little complex. With Google Maps, even novices in the use of navigation apps will know their way around the app without much trouble. Waze maps are more crowded with options, which can considerably reduce the quality of the experience you can have with the app. Google Maps’ options on the maps are clear-cut.

Google Maps is the go-to app for anyone visiting unfamiliar places. The overall easy-to-use interface this app offers, in addition to its great quality maps for all places, and not just driving routes, makes Google Maps better-suited for unfamiliar travels.

Granted, Waze is better than Google Maps when it comes to providing traffic data. However, Google Maps more than makes up for this by being able to incorporate Waze traffic data into its maps, therefore eliminating the need to have Waze, either independently or in addition to Google Maps on your device.

At times, Waze’s well-respected abilities to offer navigation features such as route change suggestions makes it less effective for some scenarios. For instance, when traveling on unfamiliar routes, it is better to know what route to take beforehand, and last minute route changes, even when they are meant to reduce travel time, can result in a lot of confusion for somebody unfamiliar with a particular route.


Google Maps is better than Waze for a number of reasons. Firstly, Google Maps is more versatile, as it can be used for driving, cycling, and even walking. Waze definitely stands out when it comes to providing driving directions, but it is not as good as Google in other areas. Google Maps also has a better interface, offers better information on points of interest along the chosen route, and offers a better experience when visiting unfamiliar places. Finally, Google Maps is clearly the better option because it is able to incorporate the best of Waze into its platform as needed.

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