Why Whatsapp Video Calling is Coming Soon?

Whatsapp has been around for some time now, but it gained unprecedented popularity when Facebook purchased it.

The app now has voice calling feature which is widely welcomed by users and it may soon receive video calling facility as well.

The voice calling feature is now available on every Android device and also on iPhone, Windows Phone platforms. With majority of users having received the feature, the next that the company is planning to bring in is video calling. While Facebook or Whatsapp didn’t announce this explicitly, it is a given that they have to launch it so as to compete against the big players, Skype and Viber.

Overcoming Compatibility Issues

It is one of the important problems that the developers of Whatsapp have been facing at the moment. The features are being rolled out to the Android operating system in different phases, because the number of users who rely on the app for every day texting is so high that a complete rollout could easily crash their servers. A similar approach for the video calling feature will be followed, so that it doesn’t face compatibility issues at launch. Obviously, the team might go with Android operating system for starters and it will be made available only for a select group of users under the beta program. Once it is fully rolled out for every Android device, it will be on iOS and Windows Phone also, for sure.

Data Usage

While video calling for Whatsapp might arrive real soon, the developers have to focus on reducing data usage. There have been multiple complaints that when compared to making a voice call with Viber, the amount of data used by Whatsapp is exceptionally high. It uses more than one megabyte of data while it is relatively less on the competitor’s app.

If the developers plan to convince people to switch over from Skype and other messengers to Whatsapp to make video calls, they have to make sure the data usage is kept under control. Only when it is low, the concept of making phone calls through an internet connection makes sense. Once they fix it, you can be sure than video calling will be added in no time to the app on all major platforms.

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