Widow Sunday’s Adam Cutler: The Gun Shy Interview

Widow Sunday

On March 5, Massachusetts hardcore-imbued metal act Widow Sunday will be performing at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts, as part of the second annual Rock Your Face Off Fest — a production completely organized and masterminded by Nefarious Realm; Gun Shy Assassin is one of the many sponsors of the fest, which also features Burning Human, Revocation, Nemecide, Orwell, Sirens, and more.

Widow Sunday are the only band on this year’s bill who’re returning for round two; last year, the band were on the inaugural Rock Your Face Off Fest with The Empire Shall Fall. According to guitarist Adam Cutler, he’s hoping Widow Sunday are asked back every year.

“We were stoked that we were asked back for the second year,” Cutler tells Gun Shy Assassin. “There were a lot of awesome bands last year, and it would be awesome to be on for the third one. We’re hoping to debut some new stuff this year.”

The band are signed with Rat Pak Records, a label that’s distributed through Century Media. They’ve got high hopes for the future, but admit that being in an up-and-coming band can be challenging. “I can’t pretend it’s not discouraging, but ultimately, we’re out, doing what we love doing, trying to make a living at it,” a determined Cutler says. “It could be way worse.”

Widow Sunday have been working on the follow-up to last year’s In These Rusted Veins and have about three songs completed. The band hopes to hit the studio before the end of the summer with Shane Frisby, formerly of Cannae and the producer for the new Bury Your Dead record. “We did our last record with him,” Cutler says. “He got an awesome performance out of us, so we would have no reason to go to anyone else at this point.”

Formed in 2007, the band’s name has one of the strangest origins. Basically, Widow Sunday was the nickname of Madame Dimanche, a 19th century Parisian woman who — in her late 70s — grew an eight-inch horn from the center of her forehead. Why would you name your band after a lady with a horn?

“I stumbled upon some article on Hotmail one day about mysterious medical oddity cases, and I saw this woman who started growing this bone-horn out of her head…the nickname of the case — Widow Sunday — I just thought it had a cool ring to it, and the guys all thought it was cool,” Cutler — a big Full Blown Chaos fan — says. “It seems to be something that sticks out. She doesn’t look like a unicorn person…it just looks like she’s taking a shit from her head.”

Widow Sunday pride themselves on their live shows. “We try to be really, really high energy,” says Cutler. “We’re not those guys standing up there, trying to play everything perfectly. We try to engage people as much as possible, and we play as well for three people as we would for three thousand people.”

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