Will Surface Pro 4 be More Productive than iPad Air 3?

When it comes to the new gadget specification of hybrid laptops/ tablets the two big tech giants Microsoft and Apple are set to dominate the market over the next few years. This year each one of them is expected to release their latest reincarnation of popular tablet devices: the Surface Pro 4 for Microsoft and iPad Air 3 for Apple. And it is already apparent that the market seems not to have enough of the devices.

Microsoft announced earlier last month that Surface Pro 3 sales topped $1 billion in 2014 while Apple sold well over 21.4 million iPads and iPad Minis in the first quarter of 2015 alone, accounting for over $8.9 billion in revenues. But if rumors making the round on online forums are anything to go by, the new Surface Pro 4 is primed to steal the thunder from iPad Air 3.

This is a closer look at the specs of the two devices in order to help you decide which one is worth your money.

1. Size and Design

The Surface Pro 4 is expected to come in two size specifications, one with 12-inch screen and another with a 14 inch screen. While there is plenty of speculation online about the dimensions of the new iPad 3, there are no definitive reports of the screen size of the new device. But it seems reasonable that it will be even thinner than the 6.1 inch thick iPad 2, not a mean feat in itself considering the iPad 2 is the thinnest tablet in the market. Each one of the 12 inch and 14 inch Surface Pro 4s will feature a kickstand which attaches to a detachable keyboard to transform the tablet to a mini laptop. The iPad 3 will have no such feature though it is still possible to attach a bluetooth keyboard and use the device as a laptop PC.

2. Memory

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 came with a mammoth 8GB of RAM and all indications are that Microsoft will considerably increase the memory of the Surface Pro 4, possibly to 12GB. The iPad 3 is said to also feature a RAM upgrade though most reports indicate that this will be a relatively paltry offer of just 4GB.

3. Software

It is a virtual certainty now that Microsoft will be releasing the latest version of their runaway successful PC OS, Windows 10, later this year. It is only logical that the new Surface Pro will come with the new Windows 10 pre-installed. As a matter of fact, many expect that both the tablet device and the new operating system will be released concurrently. It has already become customary for Apple to release a new version of their iOS operating system every year.

The one expected to be featured this year, the iOS 9 is certain to come bundled in the new iPad 3. Among other upgrades, the new operating system will allow the user to access a whole new range of customization options. Users will, for instance, be able to opt for better themes and very novel color schemes.

The Bottom Line

So does the Surface Pro 4 perform much better than the new iPad 3? Possibly. And in some specifications it certainly does. The most pertinent question in the end is: should you buy the iPad 3 or the Surface Pro 4? The answer depends on what you want. If you are looking for a tablet computer that easily transforms to a fully fledged laptop with a solid keypad, the Surface Pro 4 is definitely the device for you.

If you are more concerned about a stylish device that is at the same time ultra portable, you will scarcely find a better offer than the all new iPad 3.

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