Will The Next Apple TV Top The New Chromecast and Roku 4?

In the coming months, multiple companies are expected to release streaming sticks and boxes. Most of these devices are going to be successors to popular devices. Google is expected to release an updated Chromecast, and Roku should come out with its Roku 4 player. The device that consumers seem most excited about is the new Apple TV from Apple, though. Currently, competition is rampant in this category of consumer devices, and each company needs to implement new features to beat its competitors.

Can the new Apple TV beat a new Chromecast and Roku 4?

The Short Answer: Yes.

Millions of people have purchased various versions of Apple TV in the past few years. Those numbers are only going to increase with a new streaming box. Plus, Apple’s brand loyalty is incredibly high compared to other companies. The company could easily create a streaming box that blows the competitors out of the water, including Roku 4 and Chromecast. A new Apple TV is expected sometime before the end of the year, so consumers won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on this machine.

A Longer Answer: Apple Needs To Bring Its Best Effort

An Apple TV streaming box needs to feature certain things in order to succeed. Without a doubt, 4K streaming capabilities are going to be mandatory as Roku 4 implements a similar feature. Chromecast probably won’t come with 4K support, but that could change before release. Apple will need to include gaming in its new streaming box, so a separate controller is mandatory. For obvious reasons, a much more powerful processor will be necessary, and something like voice controls should come standard no matter what.

Then Apple needs to price its streaming box at the right price. The $100 price tag for streaming boxes seems to be perfect for consumers, although a higher price might be warranted. Still, consumers aren’t going to pay more than $150 for these devices, especially with Google pricing the Chromecast under $50. Roku will likely price the Roku 4 around $100, so it’s going to be a direct competitor for Apple and the new Apple TV. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone today.

For the best results, Apple’s new Apple TV is going to need a great design. Any weakness in hardware or software could hurt the device’s standing against its competitors. It helps that Apple has been able to land exclusive content and service deals with certain providers in the past. With the next device, such exclusive content could help Apple sell more Apple TV boxes. An early release date relative to competitors’ devices would help Apple succeed with a new Apple TV machine, too.

Can Apple TV beat Chromecast, Roku 4, and Other Streaming Devices?

Nearly a dozen major streaming devices are available today, but consumers seem most excited about an update to Apple TV. 4K compatibility and a focus on gaming could push Apple TV to new heights. In the end, Apple TV’s successor will need to bring something new to the table in order to succeed against competing devices.

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