Windroy vs Bluestacks: Features, Compatibility and Performance

Running Android apps on a PC or laptop used to be a big pain until tools such as Windroy and Bluestacks were developed. In the early days of Google’s mobile OS the only way to run apps on computers was to install the Android SDK. Today the situation changed a bit and everyone can run apps on Windows or MacOS machines without being a developer. Android emulators are getting better and better and there is more than one to choose from. Today Windroy and Bluestacks will compete against each other in order to see who comes on top.

Features And App Compatibility

Bluestacks is the more popular Android emulator. The software comes with partial support for Google Play Store and the apps are extremely easy to install. Their installation is similar to the way regular apps are installed. All it takes is a simple search in the Play Store and install the desired app.

For Windroy things are not that simple. Users need to manually install each app into a folder and the entire process requires a bit of guidance as it is somewhat complicated. Users are expected to have a bit of technical knowledge to understand how to perform an installation. Also this leads to another problem which is obtaining the APK files for the apps. It can be challenging and can make the whole thing even more complicated.

In terms of compatibility Bluestacks seems to handle apps a bit better. It is a bit more stable and the experience is a bit smoother but it does freeze from time to time. Sometimes apps can return errors but restarting the client tends to fix the issue. Also some apps tend to have problems with sound that can have delays or can be absent. Again, restarting the client fixes the issue.

Windroy on the other hand has some problems with compatibility and the apps it can run. Because it does not have support for Google Play Store, a lot of apps return errors or refuse to run. Also Windroy does not support sound playback. All the apps that are ran through Windroy have no sound.


Overall Bluestacks tends to offer better app performance despite its annoying crashes and freezes. Windroy is a bit more sluggish and comes with slow animations and several other problems that makes some apps completely unusable even if they can be opened. It seems that Bluestacks uses the system resources in a much more efficient manner and apps run smoother.

And The Winner Is…

Bluestacks comes ahead and it is by far much more competent to run Android apps. Its ability to install applications straight off the Google Play Store or sync the apps with a smartphone using Google Services makes it a much more smooth experience. Windroy on the other hand has multiple problems starting with sound playback, Play Store support and app installation. The single fact that APK files need to be downloaded in order for apps to be installed makes it a rather difficult to use Android emulator. Bluestacks takes the crown for being the better emulator to run Android apps on PC.

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