Winterus’ Christopher Erich Neu: The Gun Shy Interview


Remember the name Winterus. The progressive American black metal outfit have a new album coming out soon called In Carbon Mysticism that’s fucking rad on a grand scale. It arrived in my mailbox last week, and from the very first track — this tough mother lover called “Reborn” — I was sold. These dudes have put together a rather sinister, insane collection of tunes here that should satisfy fans of Watain, Deathspell Omega, and Lurker of Chalice.

Winterus are young dudes, so I’m excited for what the future holds for these dudes. In a day where a lot of bands claims to be black, this band actually sounds like a black metal band. Are they the best black metal band? That’s a discussion for another day kids, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re pretty fucking solid.

Formed in 2009, the members all grew up on black metal and “are passionate dudes — we grew up listening to old In Flames and Heaven Shall Burn…all the dramatic stuff like Dissection,” Chris tells Gun Shy Assassin. “There’s a lot of hard-headed metal fans out there that are going to disagree with our album a little bit and we just have to expect that.”

Chris produced the album and Maor Appelbaum (who has worked with Cynic, Therion, and Halford) mastered it. In Carbon Mysticism will be in stores April 26. You should seriously check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised, like I was. Chris tells me there’s a chance that Winterus may soon tour with Pentagram, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Chris and I agree that black metal is becoming more and more popular, which means that young black metal bands are starting to see hotter and hotter chicks out there on the road. “It is getting more popular and so is grind,” Chris observes. “I think that’s going to be the next thing…a lot of grind and black metal going around.”

Offers are pouring in for shows, and the band is getting considerable praise from reviewers.

“With influence, Cynic was a big thing…Cynic and Death,” says Chris. “We love Cynic and listen to it all the time. When people tell us they hear a progressive element, I didn’t even start thinking of it. I see it from coming from our love of In Flames and Cynic.”

Chris used to be roommates with photographer to the metal stars Jeremy Saffer. One time, Walls of Jericho stayed the night at their house and Chris got to meet that ugly broad who fronts that band.

“She’s a fucking bitch, dude. I went into my house, after I got back from work. I peak in and see Candice sitting on the mattress in my room, and was like, ‘Yo what’s up?’ And she was like, ‘Excuse me — I’m trying to sleep.’ You’re in my house first of all, and you’re not even sleeping — you’re just sitting on a matress, looking at the wall.”

Maybe she sleeps sitting up, I offer. “I guess, dude, because there’s something up her ass, apparently. She can’t lay down.”

Feeling bummed because of a recent break up, I turn to Chris for advice because after that tirade on Candice, I’ve got nothing. I ask young Chris — how do you deal with break ups?

“For me, the best way to get over a chick is to call up some friends, roll a fat fucking joint, kick back, and watch the most fucked up thing you possibly can, and just have a good time with your friends,” he suggests. “Another thing for me is, I do write a lot in my songs about shit i have been through. But yeah — I’d be rolling a fat blunt, dude.”

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