Xbox One Able To Run Xbox 360 Games – Microsoft Runs Over Sony

After long debates about compatibility with old titles, Microsoft decided to support Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

Since the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, many old games have received a visual upgrade and were relaunched for new consoles. Ultimately, there isn’t another option for you to play 5 years old game on a next-gen console.

Meanwhile, Sony introduced the PlayStation Now, a streaming platform for subscription available for PS4 owners who want to play titles originally released on PlayStation 3. As the costs of implementation and improvement of such a system seems too large, Microsoft chose the easier variant to provide the same level of compatibility with old titles that have enchanted on Xbox 360.

At the E3 2015 conference held these days in Los Angeles, Phil Spencer announced that starting this winter you can use the Xbox 360 game discs on Xbox One. Besides crowd at the event did not know how to express enthusiasm regarding this news, further details were lovely too. In the first propagation phase, over 100 titles will be supported, and in the first part of next year to approach 200 of them. Currently, Microsoft is working hard with developers to achieve the updates for those titles in hopes of avoiding any compatibility issues. It is important to note that the announcement is valid for online games as well as the disk ones.

After multiple messages from fans, this news is one of the best for Xbox fans. It remains to see if Sony will ever implement something similar.

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