Xbox One and PS4 Console Power Remain Unexplored: GTA 5 Publisher

This could probably be the biggest joke of the century but the GTA 5 publisher Take Two’s boss Strauss Zelnick believes that the Xbox One and PS4 consoles are yet to be explored by game developers.

In reality, both the consoles are struggling a lot to deliver AAA game titles in good resolution and their frame rates are strictly at 30 FPS. From the way things are going, the consoles may never be able to touch 45 FPS or the coveted 60 FPS that even low end PC Gamers achieve on their machines. But, for some reason, the CEO of Take Two interactive believes that the Playstation 4 console and the Xbox One from Microsoft have a lot of power under its hood.

1080p/ 30 FPS

Microsoft wanted to usher in virtual reality gaming, which is why they decided to allot some of the power to the Kinect accessory. But, it now has created an adverse effect on the console. It limits the power of the machine which allows the Xbox One to run games like the Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed Unity only at 900p or sometimes even at 720p. While these are HD resolutions, a next gen console running games below 1080p is simply unacceptable.

Sony’s PS4 has an upper hand here, because it manages to run many of the modern day games on full HD resolution. But, the problem is that it is not capable of rendering the best graphics quality due to hardware issues. Some players reported that in Witcher 3, the newly launched title, the game dipped to as low as 20 frames per second, which is seriously low considering the fact that this console just got launched in 2013, which is hardly two years ago.

Take Two’s Perspective

In his statement, Zelnick said, “We have seen a couple of games being launched on next gen and all of them look good. But, when we go through the technical aspects of the development and see the actual power of the PS4, Xbox One consoles, it is evident that the platform still remains unused. There is so much to do with what the hardware has to offer, which we believe will be made possible in the upcoming releases”.

He added that it is super exciting to know the consoles are so powerful and can’t wait to see future game titles from their own publishing house as well as others storm these amazing platforms! Hope, he’s serious about his comments and not just joking.

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