Youwave vs Bluestacks: Comparing The Two Android Emulators

The Android platform has taken the smartphone market segment by storm and is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Google owned Android has taken the mobile phone experience to an all new level with plenty of innovative features and offerings. The freedom to customize was a thing that Android introduced and the rest followed suit.

Thus it is no surprise that there are millions of applications that have been made to run on the platform. However, there might be situations when you may not have a working Android phone with you but still wish to use an app for a particular purpose. Android emulators allow users to use applications on laptops and desktops and have almost the same experience of a mobile device.

Bluestacks and Youwave are two of the most popular Android emulators as millions of users use them daily to run apps and services on non-mobile devices. If you want to know which out of those two is the better application, then here is a detailed analysis to help you out.


The emulator works superbly with almost all known applications and runs new as well as the older apps from Google Play. You just need to install the software, which might take some time, and you will be good to go once you sign in with your Google account.

Bluestacks also lets you try out self-made applications. One just needs to click on the APK file and Bluestacks will do the rest. It is very useful for developers who want to test their creations to get an idea of how their apps will behave on mobile devices.

Bluestacks supports a wide variety of games too although the system may lag a little if you try to play the newer 3D games. There have been several enhancements over time like the Search feature which just requires you to type in the app name, click on it and that’s it. Other features like the ability to change window size, alter the configuration of the apps and uninstall them are available too. User can also sync their phones with their PC.

The interface is neat and uncluttered which further enhances the feel of using apps via Bluestacks.


Youwave perhaps replicates the mobile phone viewing experience in a much better manner. The emulator supports all Android apps and services and simulates the memory card functionality of mobile devices. Youwave supports majority of the Android games and also lets users rotate the screen while playing games.

The emulator also features a built in store from where you may download games and apps easily on to your computer. You wave however has problems supporting apps that use hardware sensors.

The most important thing though is the fact that Youwave is not a free software. Users can try the software for a trial period of 10 days after which they will have to shell out a fee of around $15. This just might be what has kept Youwave from dominating the Android emulator market.

If we have to choose a winner between the two emulators, Bluestacks edges out Youwave slightly with better features and a better overall experience. But Youwave too is not a bad choice to make. So just take your pick and enjoy your favorite apps and games.

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