Zakk Wylde And William Shatner: Dude, What The Fuck?

Shatner and Zakk

First Ozzy works with Bieber and now this? OK, so I have totally avoided this story for a week, because my Zakk Wylde coverage — scratch that — gentle ribbing started to get out of control. I purposely haven’t read about it on any of those other less-awesome web sites, and just watched the video that appears at the end of this post last night, but my first thought about all of this is, “Wouldn’t Tony Iommi have been more appropriate for this?”

The video shows Zakk Wylde working with “Star Trek” icon and Priceline Negotiator William Shatner on a cover of “Iron Man” that’ll appear on Shat’s upcoming album, Seeking Major Tom. Correct me if I’m wrong, but “Iron Man” was written by Black Sabbath, right? Those riffs, by Iommi? So why did Shat get Ozzy Osbourne’s old guitarist to do this cover? That’s like getting Mike Portnoy to play drums on a fucking Rush cover song when Neil Peart’s fucking alive and well — you’d try to get Neil, no? A more age-appropriate collaboration and perhaps a more interesting pairing would’ve been Shatner and Tony — not Zakk “Hollywood” Wylde.
According to a press release, Shatner commented, “He’s fantastic! I’m energized.” Wylde was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Shatner and added, “He’s super cool, we had an awesome time working together.”

What the fuck is going on here? Zakk Wylde is working with WILLIAM SHATNER now? He wants to be on “Dancing With the Stars,” played a guitar shop employee on “Californication,” and praises Lady Gaga…and this is the Zakk who stopped drinking making these decisions. What the fuck? Tony Iommi probably wasn’t available because Tony would never do something like this. What happened to the Zakk Wylde who was a bad-ass biker dude…and not a member of SAG? 

Hey Zakk…if we ever meet again, please don’t try to break my legs.

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