Zoltan Bathory: Five Finger Death Punch Bassist Was Fired

Five Finger Death Punch

A while back, I contacted Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory, to find out whether rumors of bassist Matt Snell not being in the band anymore were true. While it took him a while to get back to us, Zoltan finally did last night. Here’s what he had to tell Gun Shy Assassin.

“Yes, that one is true,” Bathory tells GSA, when asked about the rumor. “We let him go a long time ago…way back in December actually. We have been recording our third album since January and as you can imagine the band is in lockdown mode in the studio 24/7 writing and recording. No time for extracurricular distractions so we decided to keep it under wraps for now.

“This kind of stuff usually becomes a damn circus which we really didn’t want to be bothered with during the recording process. Somebody leaked it against the band’s wishes, that’s why all kind of semi-retarded rumors are spreading I guess. I can’t follow this shit man — we have better things to do and especially right now we are busy as hell…but you know how this works, everyone can run their mouth on the internet and state whatever they want you to believe. In this case, most stuff you’ll find is probably false since we didn’t make any sort of public statement, so whatever you hear is only a speculation.

“To put this to sleep for now, I’ll answer this: yes, he was fired… but there’s nothing else to announce really,” says Bathory. “We’ll deal with replacing him when we finish the record and have time to focus on that. As for the sound of the band, and the recording process, etc. — Matt wasn’t a writing member so it doesn’t change anything. The process is the same as it always was.”

Meanwhile, a flyer seeking a new bassist that peppered a school in California has been shot down as authentic by the band’s management. In a statement to Blabbermouth, management says, “I think it was an honest mistake on someone’s behalf, but we would like to be clear that NOTHING about this Musicians Institute flyer was approved by Five Finger Death Punch or their management in any way. This flyer’s existence was honestly not made known to the band or to management until it was posted on Blabbermouth. Even the band photo on the flyer is over three years old and has [former Five Finger guitarist] Darryl Roberts in it, which hasn’t been used in years. This flyer with an outdated photo and list of criteria are not from Five Finger Death Punch in any way, shape or form.”

It should be noted that the band’s management has not denied that auditions for the band’s new bassist have been held.

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