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Norway’s Shining Signs With Spinefarm

A new album is on the way from Norwegian “blackjazz” outfit Shining. The band has inked a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. The as-yet … read more

Ol Drake

Former Evile Guitarist Debuts New Tune

The title to onetime Evile guitarist Ol Drake’s new song is apropos. It’s called “Guitarists Playing Guitars,” and follows at the end of this … read more


Metallica Playing Pair Of Quebec City Gigs

That’s right, Quebec City. I’ve been to Quebec, and I’ve gotta hand it to you fucks: your women are glorious. I went up there once for a … read more

Hammer of the Witches

Cradle Of Filth Reveal New Album’s Art

The cover for the new album from Cradle of Filth has been unveiled. I know you’re probably dry with anticipation. The record is called Hammer of … read more

Charlie's coffee

Anthrax Drummer Selling Coffee

I don’t mind these rock stars using their names to peddle products that have nothing to do with music -- mostly because I am sure if I were in their … read more


Slayer’s Kerry King: New LP “The Ultimate Heavy Outcome”

I just received a press release about the new Slayer album, which still has no name but has been tracked completely and should be out later this year … read more


Gwar B-Q Grows, Lands Down And Goatwhore

That’s right, kids. Down will be playing at this summer’s Gwar B-Q event in Richmond, Virginia, as will the mighty Goatwhore. The announcement … read more


The One Person Who Enjoyed Metallica’s Lou Reed LP: David Bowie

I like a lot of what David Bowie has done over the course of his career, and have great respect for the man as an artist. But I think maybe he’s … read more

Bret with the Bret

Bret Michaels Selling Home Furnishings

Poison frontman and walking STD Bret Michaels wants to sell you whatever he can. The man has his own line of pet products and cologne. He has … read more

Chris Fronzak

Video: Attila Singer Acting Dickish Down Under

Typically, I don’t cover the band Attila unless one of their members does something embarrassing or stupid. Usually, the only member of the band … read more



Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus Exclusive Album Stream: The Child Must Die


Readers’ Bands: Straight Outta Wrocław, It’s Grimlord!


Guest Column: Three Books You Need To Read By Obsolete

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