Gmail Free Download – Save your Gmail Account from Being Hacked

A knock on wood, your computer may not be hacked yet.

However, with the recent stories supporting such evil works, make sure you save your accounts perfectly and do not allow such attackers to sneak in your account.

You must have heard that many Gmail accounts fall prey to the hackers every day, including the United States Government officials, activists, celebrities and reporters. It is not the case that only personalities’ accounts are hacked. If you turn naïve and do not take proper precautions to secure your account, you are no more away from being attacked. Have a look at the steps that can help you to save your Gmail account.

Password Security

Do not keep the same password for all of your email accounts. Moreover, none of the account passwords must have your birthdays or your names. It can turn out to be a master key for the hackers to attack your account. If hackers can hack your one account, they sure can use logic and codes to breach the security of the rest of the accounts. Do not use a simple word picked from the dictionary. The dictionary invaders can easily pounce on your account and steal the info they need.

Try choosing a password that you can remember easily. Avoid any personal dates, as those are easy choices to make. Pick any random number and prefix it with a name that you think of and hard to crack for the attackers. In case you think that, there is a good chance of you forgetting your password, use tools that can manage passwords instead of telling it to any of your friends.

Two-step Authentication

Sites like Facebook and Google track your logins. Hence, you are aware if anybody else has used your account without your permission. Use two-step authentication process for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. The two-way process is simple. You have to link your mobile phone number to your email account. The moment anybody tries accessing your account from any other unknown desktop or phone, you will receive a notification of a pass code on your device. This will warn you of your device being hacked by somebody. Unless you have punched in the exact pass code, there will be no access to your account. Hence, such two-way authentication process is a good option to save your account from hacking.

International Email

The best way to invite the hackers to hack your account is by opening emails that have a captivating subject as ‘You have won a lottery’. Although the email is catchy and tempting, it is a no-brainer activity for the attackers. You do not have to fall prey to such emails as the moment you click on the link; they have access to all of your account details. The attackers are sophisticated enough to write an email in a well-mannered way. Not only lottery emails, but even emails with a subject line that you have been awarded the job you applied in Craigslist.

Think for a moment and then click if you find it true and original. These are spam emails and are used extensively by the hackers to lure you for clicking. After clicking, you will be asked a couple of general questions and then will declare that you have won a trip to a particular destination. Falling for it, you enter your billing details or Gmail ids and password and allow them to hack your account immediately. Hence, avoid such emails if you see in your Gmail account.

Gmail Settings

Gmail has tried from its end to provide all the safety features to you. It is now your chance to use this ability perfectly. Keep checking your settings once in a week or once in two days to see if your emails are forwarded to anybody else in the ‘mail forwarding’ section in the Settings tab. In addition to it, check for the spam signature. Though you are locking out their businesses, they can add signatures, spam it to your colleagues or heads and destroy your name and reputation.

Always keep checks for malware scanning. It is healthy for the computer and your Gmail account’s life. Up to date your computer with perfect anti-virus software. Do not leave any of your accounts open and shut down the computer. It is better to log off and enter the password every time you login. Safety prevention is better than falling prey to the hackers.

Canon EOS Kiss X70 vs. Nikon D3100 – Which CMOS-Type Camera Should You Choose?

The Canon EOS Kiss X70 and the Nikon D3100 are two CMOS-type cameras that promise to deliver quality images.

Canon as well as Nikon, being two of the most reputable brands, offers tremendous numbers of efficient cameras in the industry. But when it comes to the selection of one device between two CMOS-type cameras, which one shall you choose? Let’s find out!


The Canon Kiss X70 features a CMOS sensor that enables users to capture images at a maximum resolution of 18 MP. This device has the standard light sensitivity of 6,400 ISO. On the other hand, the Nikon D3100 is a 14.2 MP, a CMOS-type camera that offers a standard exposure of 3,200 ISO. This means that the Canon X70 provides more pixels and higher standard exposure than the D3100.

Apart from this, the two cameras have 1.6x crop factor and support RAW format. In addition to this, the maximum light sensitivity provided by the two cameras is 12,800 ISO. However, the Nikon device features a sensor cleaning functionality, which is not present in the Kiss X70. Overall, the Canon camera gives an edge over its competitor by providing more pixels and 100% higher standard exposure.

Winner: Canon EOS Kiss X70


The two cameras come with interchangeable lenses that enable users to mount appropriate lenses on different situations. Hence, lens availability plays a vital role in the efficiency of the two cameras. With that said, the Canon device is compatible with 197 lenses, including lenses of Canon EF series. In comparison, the Nikon D3100 supports 205 lenses of the Nikon F series. Hence, the D3100 gives users an edge over the Kiss X70 device.

Winner: Nikon D3100


The Canon camera has the dimensions of 130 x 100 x 78 mm, in comparison to D3100’s 124 x 97 x 74 mm. This clearly states that the Nikon device is 6 mm smaller, 3 mm shorter, and 4 mm thinner than its competitor. Apart from this, the Canon device weighs 480 g, whereas the D3100 hits the scales at 505 g. However, as the difference between the weight of two devices is 25 g only, none of the devices has an advantage over the other. Overall, the Nikon device is smaller and, hence, more convenient for the users to hold while clicking images.

Winner: Nikon D3100

To sum it up, the Canon X70 has more powerful sensor, whereas the D3100 provides better lens availability and handling convenience to the users.

Viber Free Download vs. LINE Messenger Free Download – A Comparison of Top IMs

Viber and LINE Messenger are not new to each other in the world of instant messaging and voice calling.

The two apps were launched almost the same time, but Viber came in a little earlier in 2010 and LINE followed in swiftly in early 2011.

Viber Free Download vs. LINE Messenger: Similarities

Initially, Viber was meant for use on the iOS platform and it served as a voice calling application. However, the app later came in with an instant messaging service as well as installed both features on the Android version. Since then, the story has been the same for other mobile platforms and PCs as well. LINE Messenger, on the other hand, was developed with an aim of helping those affected by the Japan earthquake that occurred in March 2011. This app helped in connecting millions of people in Japan after the quake had destroyed most of the telephone lines and other means of communication.

The LINE Messenger then moved on to become a mainstay long after the country had forgotten the tragic event. Just like Viber, this application is now available on multiple platforms and devices that include Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone as well as Symbian. With these two apps, a lot has changed in the way people communicate.

Rather than just depend on instant messaging and voice calling, the two apps allow the users to make free video calls. LINE recently reported that it had reached 600 million users, which places it 100 million above Viber. However, the popularity of Viber is growing around the world while that of LINE keeps increasing in the Asian region.

Viber Free Download vs. LINE Messenger: Differences

User interface

Viber comes with a very intuitive UI that features a clean and natural look. The interface is also efficient, simple and also very quick in responding to commands. Even though Viber free download is free, there are no ads on the UI of this app. It is very easy to know what the icons stand for once you start using the app.

When talking about LINE, the app still has some work to do. There are randomly placed layers and weird locations for the options, but this does not mean this interface is very easy to understand. However, the developers of the app can do better with the coming versions if they are to spread their wings to other markets beyond Asia.

Quality of calls

There is no doubt that both LINE Messenger and Viber free download are two of the best apps when it comes to voice and video calling. As long as you have a suitable Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network, you will be able to make HD-quality calls on both apps for free. Viber adds a little zest to the voice and video calling services by allowing users to doodle, include emoticons and stickers as well as play games during calls.

LINE Messenger also allows the users to play games during calls. Furthermore, this app is equipped with one of the best collections of stickers that will make you enjoy using the app. The app even features an intelligent sticker that can study your messages and conversations and in the process suggest for you the appropriate sticker to go with that particular situation.

Calling non-users of the app

Viber comes with an extra ability of allowing the users to make affordable calls to the non-users of the app, be it on landlines or mobile phones. This ability requires that the users register for the ViberOut service and buy credits from the Viber website. At the moment, LINE Messenger only offers free calls to users of the app. There is no viable means you can use to communicate with the non-users. However, the app does add some amazing social media-like features that will definitely make you want to use the app.

LINE Messenger comes with a timeline where the users can post updates and the other users of the app can like, comment or even share the content; just like on Facebook.

Roku 4 Release Date, Grand Design and Key Features

Anthony Wood (Roku CEO) claimed in an interview that the company is valiant enough to scare off any rivals( he was referring to Apple, Amazon and the legendary Google).

Anthony Wood is pretty sure that the company has an undefeatable game plan. One of their biggest stratagems is to launch the Roku 4 device in the fall season. Users will get to enjoy services such as Netflix as well as Hulu. Those who have been faithful to Roku’s tiny boxes are looking forward to this new improvement and Roku is well aware of the fact that if they don’t make a move soon, their future on the market is looking a bit blurry. But fortunately, the American company is taking charge and is pretty sure of its every step.

It won’t be an easy ride for Roku because it will have to face big names such as Apple,. Google and last but not least Amazon. Every single one of these competitors will have to reassure the general public that their product is the best one out there. Roku may have a leading advantage here given the fact that their products have been well-received by consumers over the years.

The Roku 3 newest update took some time to be launched, but when it will finally hit the stores, consumers will get to enjoy the ultimate streaming venture. One of the most important features is the fact that the device comes packed with the 4K video streaming. You will also get to use a reset knob, enhanced channel store as well as support for 802.11 AC Wi-Fi.

Key Features

The Roku 4 is the 4th device that will also roll out with some pretty amazing characteristics. It will have 2GB of RAM, which is way more than the preceding version had (only 512 MB). Expect the Roku 4 to roll out with the wireless tech as well as an inside antenna (for improved signal). Some innuendos have lead many to believe that the device might also have an ultra HD resolution.

Haier is the first company that is eager to jump on board and collaborate with Roku. Because the latter device is scheduled to be released in the fall, in the meantime users will get to try out the improved Roku 3 and its top-notch features.

Microsoft Office Package Free Download Available For Android

If you are constantly typing in the Word program or doing numbers in Excel or devising all sorts of PowerPoint presentations, you’re in for a real treat. Microsoft is handing you the cherry on top by allowing you to continue your work with Microsoft Office for Android.

This was a public statement issued by Microsoft back in 2014 in which the company: “took the next step to bring the productivity of Office to everyone with new Office apps and experiences for the iPhone and iPad, a preview of Office apps for Android tablets, and the ability for customers using these devices to create and edit Office content without a subscription.” Microsoft just acquired every single feature related to the Microsoft Office.

As of now, all of these features can also be used on your Android handset. Here is what the VP for the Office Client Applications and Services stated: “Five weeks ago, we announced the Office for Android phone preview. We are so grateful to our preview users, and with their help we were able to test the apps on over 1,900 different Android phone models in 83 countries. During the preview, we heard from thousands of these users, and over the last few weeks we were able to incorporate a lot of their feedback into the apps we’re launching today. For example, we made it easier to connect to other popular third-party storage offerings like Google Drive and Box, as well as many usability adjustments to make it easier to navigate commands within the apps.”

One state-of- the-art feature that was turning the spotlight on was:  the quick review one as well as the editing feature, a feature that will permit users to go over their documents, go over the comments and write their own if they wish.

Full presentations from one’s mobile device

Microsoft strongly confirms that users can take their handsets with them at any type of conference and do a wireless presentation. You get the same exact transitions displayed in the PowerPoint as well as the identical designs that a desktop variant will offer you. Make sure you use all of the features to make your presentations stand out.

Immediate file access

Users can instantly look up the files/documents that they’ve been working on while they were at their job, directly from the handset. You have the OneDrive option to save all of your files, but don’t disregard the DropBox or the Box one.

Attainable in no time

Microsoft signed a partnership with more than 30 OEMs( worth mentioning are LG, Sony and Samsung). These will pre-load all of these applications on your Android gizmo. Expect these gizmos to hit the stores in 2015.

Halo 5 Guardians Behind the Scenes Videos are Simply Breathtaking

Players who have already invested in an Xbox One console, just can’t do without the upcoming Halo 5 Guardians.

Microsoft’s most beloved exclusive franchise, Halo has been around for over a decade now and has helped the company sell so much of their Xbox 360 machines. Now, a new one named the Guardians is all ready to get launched in October. The company had an impressive E3 2015 conference during which they introduced the game’s mechanics as well as the war zone multiplayer demo. A lot of work has been put into the title and if you have been wondering, how they have managed to make such an awesome game, this behind-the-scenes video is an apt example. It is actually a series of videos that you could watch on their YouTube channel.

Making Halo 5

When they were preparing Halo 5 Guardians for E3 2015 reveal, the developers and the event organizers had to overcome a lot of obstacles. They have discussed every hurdle that they came across in these four videos which shows them busy with work. The team also rehearsed the multiplayer matches including the ones where they organized every player to be part of the war zone.

It is not easy to create the war zone, because the entire multiplayer match is filled with at least twenty four different players and there are many AI opponents to fight. 343 Industries who were behind the development had to organize the team, allow them to enjoy the title, but at the same time choreograph their movement to make it look good when Microsoft showcases it on the big screen in the Electronic Entertainment Expo event floor.

Building the Universe and Characters

A lot of work, including many motion capturing sequences have undergone to make sure Halo 5 Guardians is captivating as possible. The second and the third video focus on creating the universe, with characters played by real life actors. It brings a sense of depth into the narration and makes the storyline relatable, as if players are watching a movie. The designers also explain the phase during which they designed how the suit, the HUD and the overall world looked in Halo 5. They have a lot of comparisons to make to ensure that it didn’t resemble what was on Halo 4. Besides, it is going to be the first title in the series to make its way to the new Xbox One console and everyone wants to make sure it is worth it.

Install Android M on Your Sony Xperia Z3 Now

Sony has allowed its Xperia users to try and test the new OS, Android M on their devices.

While the OS will run great on any Xperia device, it is likely that it will work the best on the Xperia Z3, the latest flagship by the company until the Xperia Z4 or Z3+ hits the market.

Can You Use Android M Regularly?

Before you install Android M on your Sony Xperia Z3 it is important to note that this is just a preview. Some of the features of Android M are missing, but more of the core ones are there and you can test how they will work on your flagship device. Sony doesn’t recommend using the Android M on a daily basis. There are some limitations to the OS, like there is no camera or modem implemented. In order to use the Android M, you need to have an unlocked device with boot loader.

How to Install?

In order to install the Android M on your Sony Xperia Z3, you will need to take several steps. First off, you need a desktop computer that runs on Ubuntu or any other Linux based OS. You need this in order to create a flash drive with the Android M preview and then install it on the handset.
Before you start the installation, you will have to configure your computer and Java environment in order for the process to work. Then, you will be required to install the tools to make an Android build and download the necessary software binaries and files. The complete guide can be found on the link below, where officials from Sony will guide you how to install the Android M.


What Can You Do?

It is important to note that Android M will bring a series of changes to how your phone operates. For example, there is a completely new app permission system in place. Some of the applications that you have installed on your device might not work on the Android M. Therefore, it is better to test the applications for compatibility and if you can live with some apps not working in the Android M preview, install it.

Google Nexus 5 (2015) – Launch Date Rumors, Powerful Specs and Improvements

Google’s Nexus 5 handset is the launch that everybody is waiting for. With the first generation having been launched back in 2013, the second generation of Google Nexus 5 is expected to roll out in the near future.

This new 2015 Nexus 5 device will come out with stellar features and specs. The first and foremost update will target the display. This will be a 2K one and will top the 1080×1920 pixel one which came out with the release of the 2013 variant.

Next in line is the processor. The first generation came out with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, but the second one will sport a Snapdragon 810. This is the newest and the fastest processor developed by Qualcomm. But some believe Google will make some changes and pick the Snapdragon 808 and not the 810. This remains to be seen, though.

The camera will also be update to 13 MP. This is way more than the original version had (8MP). And this leads us to the obvious question: Who will manufacture the Nexus 5 (2015) device? Some claim it will be LG, which was also in charge of the 2013 Nexus device. Allegedly, this gizmo will also roll out with an iris scanner feature. If this is true, we will be definitely looking at an innovative device that will sweep the fingerprint scanner under the rug.

Moving on to the launch date of the Nexus 5 (2015), as usual Google hasn’t leaked anything about the upcoming launch of the Nexus 5. But, according to some innuendos Google might be getting ready to release the device either in the month of October or November.

But, the latter device is not the only big launch that Google is planning to have this year. Users should also keep their eyes open for the Nexus 6 inauguration (presumably built by Huawei a.k.a the “Angler”). It will sport a 5.7 inch display (a bit smaller than its predecessor the Nexus 6, the 2014 version). Once these handsets roll out, they will have to face the iPhone 6S devices, which will function on the newest OS launched by Google, Android M.

Dropbox 3.0 APK Download Available – New Material Design and Top Features

The popular file hosting service just updated its Android version and you can get it from the Google Play store. In case your device won’t “see” it, it means that it will be available for you in the following days. The new version comes with new features and we’ll tell you about them below.

If you own an Android mobile device, with Dropbox you will create a special folder and move there all the files that you want to be stored in the cloud. The hosting service will sync these files and you’ll have access to them from any Android device that you’d use, by logging into your account. This means that you’ll need to install the application, register to Dropbox and opt for a Dropbox Basic account and get 2GB of free storage, or you can upgrade to Dropbox Pro plan and get 1TB of storage, but you’ll pay €9.99/month (around $12) or €99/year (around $111). The Business Plan will charge you €12/month (over $13) and you’ll give permission to up to 5 users to have access to your data.

Besides Android, Dropbox supports devices running on iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and it’s an official port to Symbian and MeeGo. The new version for Android, 3.0, brought some changes to app’s appearance, which is “better, faster and more usable”. Dropbox uses now Material Design mantra, which was presented in June 2014, at Google’s I/O conference and if you analyze it in detail, you will notice the other important changes.

You will see that the folders feature a “+” button whose role is to allow you to take photos while you’re inside that folder and save them there. This way, you won’t occupy space on your phone, because the photos you’re taking are automatically uploaded to Dropbox.

Also, in the top menu you’ll see a new search icon which will help you to find files and content within the documents you’re storing on Dropbox. And to navigate through folders, you’ll just swipe left/right.

Other changed that were done to the version 3.0: you’ll find sharing controls and file actions (related to moving, favoring and renaming) in the same place, in the info pane, while the file list contains file and folder locations, shared folder members and modification dates.

UC Browser 10.5.2 Download Available – Faster Features and Top Improvements

The developers of UC Browser have released a new version of this awesome application. The latest UC Browser version is 10.5.2 and it was released on June 23, 2015.

So in case you are looking for a browser for your Android smartphone or tablet, with the ability to stream videos, then we suggest you to try out the UC Browser and tell us your thoughts about it.

About UC Browser

UC Browser was released back in April 2004 and it was available only for J2me devices. However, ten years later, Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce companies from China, bought UCWeb for more than 1.9 billion dollars.

Now, UC Browser has more than 100 million installs just from Google Play Store, which means that this software is one of the most used browsers for the Android platform.

UC Browser for Android: Features (reasons) that will convince you to install the application

– First of all, it’s FREE!
– The browser is able to stream videos in multiple resolutions right inside the application
– Easy User Interface
– The browser comes with an in-built file download manager
– You can do secure shopping with it
– It features an intuitive tab management
– The videos that you play inside the browser can be controlled with gestures
– The browser comes with custom layouts and themes which you can change whenever you want
– The browser features the night mode, which will greatly help you to read webpage during the night or when you are in spaces where there is not much light
– And more!

UC Browser version 10.5.2: What’s new?

– The search feature is much faster
– The browser starts faster now
– You will have access to Facebook faster and easier.

UC Browser version 10.5.2: Installation

The UC Browser v10.5.2 can be installed from the Google Play Store. Just open the official Android store on your smartphone or tablet, search for UC Browser and install it. Once the installation is finished, start using the latest UC Browser version on your Android smartphone or tablet!